When perfection meets tradition, exclusivity, quality and modernity.

It all started in the 1900s with Filippo Della Valle, who started a shoemaking workshop in Marche, an Italian region renowned for the expertise of local artisans in leather work. In the early 1950s, his son, Dorino Della Valle, moved the business to a factory: he started producing shoes for the most respected Italian designers. In the 1970s, his grandson, Diego Della Valle, decided to turn the local business into a global business, by creating in 1983 his own Italian luxury brand, Tod's.

Tod's is internationally recognised for its footwear and luxury leather goods, with styles that have become icons of modern life.

Today, the company is recognised internationally not only for its footwear, but for several luxury leather articles, each of them handmade, with detail, highly qualified techniques and using natural materials. The whole collection is produced in Italy in the brand's own factories. Tod's modern and exclusive style engenders loyalty in both men and women. 


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